The MyWater contract is a short term initiative to assist households resolve high or unexplained water accounts.

The sub-meter and app will not replace the municipalities meter or billing system but purely act as an early warning of usage and costs going forward.

The package is available to households On-Loan for R 45.00/month against a security deposit of R 685.00. 

The agreement can be terminated anytime by simply returning the meter for a full refund of the R685.00 security deposit.

Disclaimer/Account Protection:

The Meter and App has no legal standing against the Municipality, however, in the event the municipality sees the volume consumed differently and invoices a higher amount, mywater will TOP-UP the difference to a maximum of R1500.00. (See Terms & Conditions)

Who We Are:

Mywater is an engineering / IT / Communications company producing products and systems to assist South Africans face the reality of water shortages and the ever-increasing cost of water.

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